What is Where Wellness Meets Wealth?

At the core of "Where Wellness Meets Wealth" lies our deep-seated belief that true joy and success come from living in harmony with our inner selves while navigating the realities of our external lives. Our journey to this understanding, personified through the stories of Dr. Zoe Hart and Dr. Ali Reign, has taught us that fulfillment isn't solely found in professional accomplishments but in the delicate balance between nurturing our personal well-being and pursuing financial health. This publication sprang from our desire to merge the realms of emotional wellness with economic prosperity, advocating for a life that values both the heart's desires and the practical needs of daily living. With Zoe's embrace of courage and economic strength combined with Ali's dedication to genuine self-expression and resilience, we're here to walk with our readers down a path where personal happiness and material success are not distant relatives but close companions, building a community that celebrates both individual wellness and collective wealth.

How it works?

Dr. Zoe Hart and Dr. Ali Reign produce a series, typically weekly, dedicated to harmonizing financial growth with personal wellness, offering insights and practices for a life rich in health, happiness, and prosperity. Here are the sections that may appear in each weekly edition;

  1. It Hits Different with Dr. Ali Reign - Explore wellness through the eyes of Dr. Ali Reign, offering her unique insights on health topics that matter to you.

  2. Snatched with Dr. Zoe Hart - Dive into Dr. Zoe Hart's approach to mindset mastery, the art of choosing joy, and the courage to be true to oneself, inspiring personal growth and self-acceptance.

  3. Smart Solutions for Self-Care: Cultivating Abundance with Science and Tech - Learn about practical self-care techniques that leverage science and technology, aiming to enrich your daily routine.

  4. Smoothie: A Blend of Raw Reactions & Candor - Sit in on heartfelt conversations between Drs. Zoe and Ali, discussing the intertwining of wellness and wealth in their lives over morning smoothies.

  5. Life in Action: Applying Wellness Wisdom - Implement wellness theories into your life with easy-to-follow exercises and routines, designed to enhance your health and happiness in tangible ways.

What you get when you subscribe?

What you get if you subscribe to Where Wellness Meets Wealth

  • Access to the Well Balanced Wealth 8-week program, so that you can have the opportunity to create your healthy habits through practice with the community 

  • 1 Free Initial Coaching Session with BOTH Zoe + Ali ($500 value) so that you can get experienced insight on how to reduce stress, optimize your health and create the wealth you deserve with velocity

  • Access to discount bundle coaching packages so that you can sustain the growth over time and adapt your goals and objectives 

  • Access to digital archive of well-being practices and resources so that you can reflect, refresh and revisit practices that work and have a library to create new healthy habits on your own

  • Access to Ask WE (Our personalized and community Q&A session), where you can ask the questions you may have been reluctant to ask or discover the hard-to-find answers you have been searching for. Common topics might include: financial wellness, navigating the workplace culture, and cheat codes on cultivating partnerships both professionally and personally. 

    • Questions answered directly in 7 business days

    • Access to monthly Ask WE monthly group call (where we will respond anonymously to Questions from members for that month in a group format with practice and evidence based solutions and strategies)

These post are occasionally free but almost always paid.

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Explore the fusion of success and well-being with 'Where Wellness Meets Wealth.' A guide for leaders on balancing financial growth with personal health. Discover strategies designed to enrich both your business and life.


Thrive with Zoe & Ali as we collaborate to propel your business toward financial success and resilient, balanced teams. Our holistic approach integrates strategies for growth, mental and physical well-being, and stress management.
Dr. Roshawnna Novellus is a nationally recognized financial inclusion advocate and champion of mindfulness. She holds a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering with a Minor in Finance. Pick my Brain: https://calendly.com/roshawnna